Privacy and Security

myEcho is a relay

When your iPhone or iPad connects to the myEcho service, we're communicating with industry standard SSL (secure sockets layer), just like your email or banking sites. Whatever you speak is transcribed and sent to our Companion App running on your Windows PC, which is also using SSL to communicate. We strongly discourage transmitting private or sensitive data through myEcho.

myEcho is two applications and a cloud service. There are NO background services or agents. We install no spyware, malware, or naughtyware on your Windows PC. There is no Windows Service in use. If you close the Companion App, myEcho is not running. Delete it and it's gone from your computer.

Why are we a cloud relay? A cloud-based allows you to dictate between your iOS device and PC without worrying about bluetooth pairing, networking issues, firewalls, or other administrivia.

We have no backend database with your name or personal information. We do not collect or store your dictated text; we only relay it through our cloud server - one way - from your iOS device to your Windows PC. It never touches a disk - neither yours nor ours.

NOTE: We do use for our error handling system. As mentioned in their privacy policy, and repeated here, crash information is sent in the event of a crash and is used to help us fix bugs:

In the course of using software material on this Site including the web service and dashboard, and the Raygun providers (such as but not exclusively Raygun4Net and Raygun4php), information can be transmitted to the aformentioned service in reponse to errors or exceptions. Messages will contain data relating to the error or exception and the environment under which it occurred. No personally identifying information is recorded, only information to aid in the diagnosis of errors. Information collected may include your or any other user's IP address.

SIRI NOTE: myEcho uses Siri to convert your voice into text, but your voice is NEVER sent to us here at myEcho. We only relay the text. Here is a link to Apple's Siri privacy policy as found by WIRED Enterprise Magazine.