Get Started - These apps work together!

STEP 1: Get the iOS App

First, download the myEcho app for your iPhone.

Not on your phone? Just visit when you are!

You will talk to this application on your phone, and your words will appear in Windows!

Download myEcho from the Apple iOS App Store

Our iPhone app only needs access to your microphone, and the internet. We don't look at your contacts or mess with your data!

Read about our commitment to your privacy.

STEP 2: Get the Windows App

Download and run the quick installer for our Windows application.

Not on your PC? Just visit when you are!

This application lets your iPhone talk to your Windows computer!

Download the myEcho for Windows Companion Application

Our Windows app doesn't install ANY services or drivers. When you close it, it's gone. It talks only to our myEcho Relay Servers using HTTPS and saves nothing.

It has no viruses, adware, or malware. MyEcho for Windows works only in conjunction with the myEcho iOS application.

Read about our commitment to your privacy.

STEP 3: Pair your PC and your phone

Now, we're not talking about pairing like your blueooth headset. After you've installed the Windows application on your PC and run it, and have installed the iOS application on your phone, and run it as well, you'll start the pairing process.

Click Add Pairing on your phone and point your phone's camera at the Black QR code that appears within the myEcho Windows application.

Point your iPhone and your PC and pair!

NOTE: Once you've paired, you can minimize the myEcho Windows application and keep it running in your taskbar.

STEP 4: Run a Windows app to dictate to

Pick an application on your PC that you want to talk to. You can open up Word, or talk to Gmail, or any application, as along is it is the current application in the "front" and it has a text caret flashing, waiting for you to type.

You can even talk to Microsoft Word!

STEP 5: Talk to your computer from your phone!

Now, from your phone, click the microphone and start talking. You can talk up to about 20 seconds, or a good solid paragraph. Be sure to speak punctation, like "I wonder if this will work QUESTION MARK Oh COMMA it did PERIOD."

Start dicating by pressing the microphone on your iPhone.